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Error on opening a Diamonds model

When opening a project an error appears and Diamonds doesn’t continue opening the file.

Solution 1

  1. Close the project/Diamonds and go to the folder where the project is saved.
  2. Delete the file {file name}.bsr. This file contains the mesh.
    Delete the folder {file name}_bsr. This folder contains the results.
    DO NOT delete the the file {file name}.bs!. If this solution doesn’t help, you’ll need this file in solution 2.
  3. Try to open the file.

Solution 2

  1. Open the file {file name}.bs! instead of the {file name}.bsf. The {file name}.bs! is a back up of {file name}.bsf.

Solution 3

  1. Go to My Documents > Diamonds > {current version} > OldBackUpFiles. This folder contains the back up files made by Diamonds.
  2. Based on the date and size of the files, try to retrieve (an older version of) the model.
  3. Open this file with Diamonds.

Solution 4

  • Try to import the model in BIM Expert. And make BIM Expert export it again to Diamonds.
    If you do not have a BIM Expert license, but you do have a license with maintenance (in lease or rent the maintenance is included), you can send the model to support@buildsoft.eu. Then the support will try to do it for you.

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