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Double clicking Diamonds file results in running the installer

On double clicking a Diamonds file (*.bsf) from the file explorer, you get following messages, instead of opening the file

Preparing to install …
Please wait while Windows configures Diamonds – Gathering information …
The feature that you are trying to install is on a network resource that is unavailable
The path xxxxx cannot be found
Error 1706. No valid source could be found for the product Diamonds. The windows installer cannot continue.

  • Uninstall Diamonds (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Find ‘Diamonds’ in the list and hit ‘Uninstall’).
    It is NOT required to uninstall Gateway!
  • Reinstall Diamonds

Solution 2


This fix involves making changes to the registry of the computer.  If you don’t feel comfortable, use Solution 1

  1. Close all software
  2. Click the start button
  3. Type ‘regedit’ in the search box
  4. Choose ‘Regedit.exe’ from the option above
  5. Look for the folder

    (it is very important that the folder name is exactly the same!!!)

  6. The parameter (Standard) should have following value
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BuildSoft\Diamonds2017\Diamonds.exe" "%1"
  7. Double click (Standard) to edit this in the above
  8. Delete the key Command
    (This contains data comparable with D01+o2G)Z9ZI`@zgM@AGComplete_x64>5Sw[!EaU?=*@Jn)`_f0B “%1” @Xn1q)Jh!9tzh[XAtHKQComplete_x64>5Sw[!EaU?=*@Jn)`_f0B “%1” @0v.T065(AF_plkW=R$1Complete_x64>5Sw[!EaU?=*@Jn)`_f0B “%1” ZVI&R’3n{9K`yrq’i^-YComplete_x64>5Sw[!EaU?=*@Jn)`_f0B “%1” ezoL’MOZ,@}LZr2TVUmOAlwaysInstall>F{ei_`Yh0Ax3*fDpc{8% “%1″[ECxIR}4?AEfCiEXtXO?AlwaysInstall>F{ei_`Yh0Ax3*fDpc{8% “%1”
    O24u0Chqn8wR’*!9′,VEAlwaysInstall>F{ei_`Yh0Ax3*fDpc{8% “%1”)
  9. Close Registry
  10. Double click the file again.

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