Diamonds doesn’t start

When double clicking the Diamonds icon on the desktop, nothing happens. The start-up screen (syn. splash screen, 2 examples in the images below) doesn’t even appear. This usually occurs after a Windows update.

If the splash screen does appear, but Diamonds is stuck on it, please continue reading here.

Solution 1

  • Set a local printer as default printer (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > right click on desired default printer and select ‘Set as default printer’).

Solution 2

Solution 3

Solution 4

  • Close Diamonds.
  • Open Windows Control Panel and go to Programs & Feautres.
  • Click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Uncheck the box before .NET Framework 3.5 and click ‘OK’.
  • Start Diamonds. He’ll give a notification that .NET is not installed. Choose to install it again. It will fix any background issues with .NET.

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