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CodeMeter Control Center pops up on System Start

If you are being annoyed by the CodeMeter Control Center popping up every time that you boot up Windows.

Solution 1

CodeMeter Control Center is in the Windows Startup folder, which launches all items, each time you start up the computer.

Windows 10

  1. Open Windows File Explorer and enter %appdata% in the navigation bar.
  2. Go to \Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Start up
  3. Delete CodeMeter Control Center shortcut

Earlier Windows versions

Open the Start up folder in the Windows Start Menu with a right-click and  select  “open (All Users)”. In the resulting File Explorer window you’d then see the corresponding entries. Delete CodeMeter Control Center

Solution 2

  1. Uninstall all entries of CodeMeter
  2. Check the Start up folder again to make sure that there aren’t leftover entries.
  3. Install CodeMeter again

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