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What makes ConCrete different?

ConCrete is a hands-on tool to quickly analyze, design and draw concrete beams. Within 30 seconds you can enter a beam and bending moment diagram and reinforcement quantities.

✓ 30 sec Unique Input Method

ConCrete has a unique and interactive question-answer system for entering the model geometry, the cross-sections and the loads. Via the input panel, ConCrete asks the user for the data. After entering, ConCrete immediately raises the next question. The questions always appear in the same order.

Regular Concrete users know that order by heart and can enter, as it were, blindfolded, beams within 20 to 30 seconds. Your productivity is therefore particularly high with a tool like ConCrete.

✓ Auto-calculation

After finishing the last question, ConCrete will automatically generate the load combinations according to Eurocode and execute the analysis. ConCrete instantly provides you with deformations (considering the effects of cracking and creep), internal forces, reinforcement requirements, … and presents all of this in clear graphs.

ConCrete shows a minimal and optimal height, allowing you to pursue an optimal design from the start.

ConCrete will update all analysis results upon the change of any design parameter and create a design analysis report.

✓ Auto-draw of Reinforcement

ConCrete Plus automatically translates the theoretical reinforcement requirements into a practical reinforcement drawings. All reinforcement parameters are user-definable bar diameter, number of bars per layer, elimination priority, …

You can automatically create cutting lists in ConCrete List from the ConCrete Plus reinforcement drawings.

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