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What makes 1•2•Build different?

1•2•Build is a quick and simple tool to size beams and columns safely and accurately already in the early design phase.

✓ Minimum of Data Required

In 1•2•Build you only need to enter the beam’s length or frame’s dimensions, its supports and the loads. 1•2•Build will automatically create the load combinations and determine the self-weight.

✓ Always Optimal Cross-Section

Simply choose the material (steel/concrete/timber) and in the 1•2•Build will present the best fitted section for your beam or frame. 1•2•Build does all the work for you and always delivers an optimal result: the beam with the smallest height, the steel profile having the lesser weight or the girder with the maximum deflection limits.

At any time, 1•2•Build will propose you the most optimal solution for your design projects.

✓ Complete Result

Next to a creation of a concise and highly readable analysis report, 1•2•Build delivers a reinforcement sketch and list of material quantities: total volume timber and concrete, total weight and volume of reinforcement, painting surface and weight of steel.

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