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The minimal section is not obtained everywhere


On calculating or editing a beam or plate in Concrete you get the warning message: The minimal section is not obtained everywhere!

[NL]: De minimale sectie wordt niet overal bereikt!

[FR]: La section minimale n’est pas obtenue partout!


If your element is a beam, there are 2 reasons possible for this warning

  • Or the height of the beam is smaller then the mimimum height (= uneconomical design)
  • Or the width of the beam is insufficient to be able to take on the stresses in the concrete struts. These problem areas are drawn in grey in the reinforcement sketch window.


Although ConCrete does not calculate shear reinforcement for plates, ConCrete does check if

  1. there is shear reinforcement required (VRdc)
  2. the compression struts are sufficient (VR,max)

If one of the checks is not ok, this warning appears. ConCrete will display the minimum height for which both checks are ok.

Note: ConCrete 8.0 (or newer) will take NBN EN 1992-1-1: ANB:2010 §6.2.2.(1) into account (Belgian national annex).

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