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Templates in Diamonds

Making templates is supported since Diamonds 2021r01.

What is a template

A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new project. When you open a template, the pre-formatted settings are loaded. For example: you could make a template with all Eurocode standards selected and one for all American standards selected.

The following parameters can(not) be saved in a template:

Parameters that will be saved in templates

= project dependant settings

Parameters that will NOT be saved in templates

= user dependant settings

  • selected standards
  • a (part of) structure and applied loads
  • defined load groups and user defined load coefficients
  • adjustments in the level manager 
  • adjustments in the ground level 
  • grid settings 
  • adjustments in the windows
  • orientation of the global coordinate system
  • size of fonts, symbols, loads and results
  • page settings and reports
  • mesh, analyse settings, … on the condition that a (random) structure first has been calculated using those settings. The (random) structure may (but should not) be removed before creating the *.bst.
  • units and decimals
  • language
  • adjustments in the configurations 
  • design types 









How to create a template

  • Start Diamonds or create a new project .
  • Set the parameters to the desired values.
  • Go to File > Save as. Choose BuildSoft Template file *.bst as file type.
    The template is now created.

How to open a template

  • Start Diamonds.
  • Go to File > Open. Choose BuildSoft Template file *.bst as file type.
    The template can now be selected and opened.

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