Release notes ConCrete (Plus)

  • Version 8.70 – 2/05/24
    When the practical reinforcement for beams is shown in Diamonds, it will be taken into account when exporting the beam to ConCrete Plus.
  • Version 8.60 – 26/01/24
    Bugfix in the shear reinforcement calculation: when the load is applied on the top fibre, the contribution of distributed loads is reduced with z instead of d (see EN 1992-1-1 §6.2.3 (5)​)
  • Version 8.55 – 07/06/2023
    Bugfix in the shear reinforcement calculation: when the load acts on the top fibre and VRd,max is exceeded in combination with vertical stirrups, then apply crossed stirrups.
  • Version 8.50 – 25/04/2023
    Bugfix: default creep factor for deformations is now default set to 2 (instead of 1.29 wich came from Es/Ecm.28.creep = 15) to match Diamonds
    Bugfix: make help-file online accessible
    Bugfix: make ConCrete Plus remember the settings in some dialogs
  • Version 8.44 – 30/08/2022
    Bugfix in ConCrete Plus: representation of web reinforcement when the maximum bar length is exceeded
    Web reinforcement was divided into two and was no longer drawn correctly
  • Version  8.43 – 29/07/2022
    Bugfix in combination factor for wind and snow according to Eurocode 0
  • Version 8.42 – 19/04/2022
    Bugfix in the arrangement of the dialogs
  • Version 8.41 – 20/12/2021
    Bugfix in the shear reinforcement: when a point load acts on the top fibre, reduce the contribution of that point load to the shear reinforcement according to EN 1992-1-1 §6.2.2 (6).
  • Version 8.40 – 22/09/2021
    Bugfix: shear reinforcement shown in the graph was not the same as the one shown in the reinforcement sketch
    Bugfix: shear reinforcement was not symmetrical
  • Version 8.31 – 07/07/2021
    Bugfix: avoid that intermediar supports can be removed in order to make two spans act as one span. If you want to join spans, you need to remove one (or more).
  • Version 8.21 – 14/01/2021
    Bugfix in the ConCrete Plus – Tekla Structures link
  • Version 8.20 – 02/12/2020
    Bugfix ConCrete Plus: drawing stirrups from menu layout > Comments
    Bugfix ConCrete: on calculation 2 phased beams with small height in first phase
  • Versie 8.19 – 23/10/2020
    Bugfix for displaying maximum value in reinforcement sketch when having elements with different heights
  • Versie 8.16 – 20/08/2019
    New feature: The following hot keys were added:
    F2: Load windows
    F3: Diagrams
    F4: Reinforcement sketch
    F5: Check
    F10: New beam
    F11: New plate
    F12: New hollow core slab
  • Version 8.15 – 14/06/2019
    New feature: license options added for virtual environments
  • Version 8.14 – 15/05/2019
    Bugfix in transfer of reinforcement from ConCrete to ConCrete Plus
  • Version 8.13 – 26/04/2019
    New feature: transfer of label and comment defined in Diamonds
  • Version 8.12 – 18/12/2018
    New feature: make it possible to adjust the web reinforcement for transfer from ConCrete Plus to Tekla Structures
  • Version 8.10 – 07/08/2018
    New feature: make it possible to disable afactor of 1.25 on VRd,c when calculating plates and hollow core slabs.
  • Versie 8.05 – 19/09/2017
    Bug fix: improvements in ConCrete Plus for the drawing (or not) of the stirrups above a support
  • Versie 8.03 – 12/05/2016
    Bug fix: small improvements
  • Version 8.02 – 28/09/2015
    New feature: no limitation in the numbre of hollow core slabs in the library
    New feature: make it possible to use decimal numbres for the diameter of reinforcement bars
  • Version 8.01 – 15/09/2015
    Bug fix: small improvements to the hollow core module
  • Version 8.00 – 21/08/2015
    Bug fix: improvements to meet the NBN EN 1168 and NBN B21-605 requirements
    New feature: expansion of the concrete parameters

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