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Error 1310. Error writing to file

On installing 12-Build you get following error message

Error 1310: Error writing to file: C:\Program Files (x86)\BuildSoft\12Build\psapi.dll.  Verify that you have access to that directory

Causes: You don’t have necessary permissions to write into some system folders.

Solution 1

  • Restart computer.
  • Right mouse click on the 12-build setup > Run as administrator

Solution 2

  • Restart computer.
  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\BuildSoft\12Build
  • Right-click on 12Build folder and click Properties
  • Go to Security tab
  • Click on Edit… to change permissions
  • In the new dialog window, click on Administrators and then check the box Full Control below. Then do the same for Users.
  • Click Apply and OK to apply changes. Then do the same in the remaining dialog window.

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