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ConCrete Plus does not draw the lower reinforcement

It can happen that you do not see any lower reinforcement, despite the fact you have defined enough reinforcement.

In the window for diameter determination, there are 2 lines in the lower reinforcement zone

  1. Lowest line: these are reinforcement quantities for moment transfer, let’s call this Mreinf
  2. Second line:  these are the reinforcement quantitis for shear force transfer to the supports, let’s call this Vreinf

When you are using

  • discontinuous anchorage > fill out the Vreinf
  • continuous anchorage > do not fill out Vreinf, BUT add this value to Mreinf when determining the reinforcement bars. So make sure you put Mreinf + Vreinf

If the lower reinforcement still isn’t drawn, you might reconsider the suspending settings.

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