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2. How to activate your soft license?

  1. Save the received license update file (xxxxx-xxxxx.WibuCmRaU) on the target hardware – this where also the license request file is created
  2. Open to CodeMeter Control Center
  3. Go to ‘File’ > ‘Import license’. Browse to the location of the xxxxx-xxxxx.WibuCmRaU file and hit ‘Import’. The license in the CodeMeter Control Centre will now be active (green) and the licence number is changed into e.g. 128-xxxxxxxx (always 3 digits + “–“ + 8 digits)
  4. Select the just activated license  ‘128-xxxxxxxx’
  5. Click on ‘License update’
  6. Click ‘Next’ until you see this screen. Remember the location or change the path to your desktop.
    Very important: do not change the name or the extension of this file!
  7. Click on ‘Commit’.
  8. Send the 128-xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaC to your contact at BuildSoft or Support Service support@buildsoft.eu


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